This mural will be painted across the street from the Brown v. Board National Historic Site. The mural will explore themes of equality and justice through the eyes of young people in our community. Artist Michael Toombs will direct the painting of the 130' x 30' wall along with a team of artists and hundreds of members of the community. We believe that there could not be a better time to push forward the central tenets of the Brown case – bringing this important part of American history to life anew.


We want everyone in Topeka to be able to participate in this project. If you want to stay informed and get involved please fill out this form and we'll be in touch! Thank you for your interest in this project!


Painted on private property, the mural will be painted beginning on May 12th. Painting will continue on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each week until the end of June and with the exception of Memorial Day weekend. If you would like to paint, please join us at that time. If you have  group that would like to paint together, please contact our project coordinator, Cathy Burchett, and she will make the arrangements. (Participants will be asked to sign waivers, and those can be found here.)

This mural will focus on themes of diversity, equality, justice and inclusion, offering an opportunity to involve students and neighbors in the design and painting of the mural. Kansas City artist Michael Toombs has been identified as our artist of choice. 

We have assembled a steering committee of community leaders to guide the project and are excited for the opportunity to gather input, stories, images and other inspiration for this work of art from all corners of our community. 

For more information, please contact Sarah Fizell at by email or telephone at 785-380-7890.